The Ultimate Guide to Music Analysis on the Internet

Websites, podcasts and YouTube channels for music lovers

Photo by blocks on Unsplash


1. Genius

Source: Genius
Behind The Lyrics: The Complete Experience (source: Spotify)

2. Reddit


1. Dissect

The first episode of season 3 of Dissect(source: Spotify)


6LACK’s episode on MIC/LINE (source: Spotify)

3. Song Exploder

Tame Impala’s episode on Song Exploder (source: Spotify)

YouTube Channels

1. Nathan Zed

The Lost Art of Album Sequencing by Nathan Zed (source)

2. Shawn Cee

Shawn Cee reacts to Gravity by Brent Faiyaz and Tyler, The Creator (source)

3. Pitchfork

Masego discussing his song ‘Tadow’ on Pitchfork (source)

Final Remarks

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