5 Ways Looking After Houseplants Changed My Life

Valuable life lessons from my 3 plants

Hana Makhlouf


My plants (Image by Author)

I have 3 plants: a Snake Plant (centre), a Chinese Money Plant (right) and a Calathea Leopardina (left). I have only had them for less than a year but in this time, they have impacted my life in so many ways.

Here are 5 ways owning 3 small houseplants positively impacted my life:

1. A Bad Leaf Doesn't Mean The Plant Is Dead

The first time I saw one of my plant’s leaves turning yellow and dying, I panicked. I didn't know what to do or expect, so I turned to the only source I knew could help me: Google.

Simply put, Google told me that it can mean many things:

  • nutrient deficiency
  • Not enough light
  • Too much light
  • Not enough water
  • Too much water
  • Leaves naturally fall so new ones can replace them

And the list goes on. However, the main message was: your plant is not dying. One ‘bad’ leaf does not mean the plant is dead. With a little care, your plant can prosper.

Lesson #1: Just like my plant, having a bad day or a bad situation does not mean your life is over. You will recover and grow!

2. Overwatering Is Just As Bad As Underwatering

Phew! This is a hard pill to swallow.

We are taught that plants need carbon dioxide and water to photosynthesise and, essentially, survive. We were, however, not told how much water they need.

If you underwater your plants, they won't grow and will eventually start dying. Similarly, if you overwater your plants, the roots can rot and it can also lead to the plant dying.

By researching and experimenting, I found what worked best for my 3 plants. This was different for each plant. For example, my Snake plant prefers much less water than my Chinese Money plant.

Lesson #2: Overdoing anything is just as bad as undergoing it. Aim…



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