5 Ways Looking After Houseplants Changed My Life

Valuable life lessons from my 3 plants

Hana Makhlouf
4 min readAug 15, 2021
My plants (Image by Author)

I have 3 plants: a Snake Plant (centre), a Chinese Money Plant (right) and a Calathea Leopardina (left). I have only had them for less than a year but in this time, they have impacted my life in so many ways.

Here are 5 ways owning 3 small houseplants positively impacted my life:

1. A Bad Leaf Doesn't Mean The Plant Is Dead

The first time I saw one of my plant’s leaves turning yellow and dying, I panicked. I didn't know what to do or expect, so I turned to the only source I knew could help me: Google.

Simply put, Google told me that it can mean many things:

  • nutrient deficiency
  • Not enough light
  • Too much light
  • Not enough water
  • Too much water
  • Leaves naturally fall so new ones can replace them

And the list goes on. However, the main message was: your plant is not dying. One ‘bad’ leaf does not mean the plant is dead. With a little care, your plant can prosper.

Lesson #1: Just like my plant, having a bad day or a bad situation does not…



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